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Overwatch Players Hunt For More Clues About Sombra

Ever since Ana, Overwatch’s newest hero, was released a few weeks ago, the internet’s been abuzz with who will show up next. It seems like Sombra, who might be a hacker hero, could be the next hero to make an entry into the game and add yet another new piece of gameplay.

Sombra, whose name means “Shadow” in Spanish, has yet to have any sort of implications of what they would look like. Unlike Ana, they’re apparently not a former member of Overwatch. We also don’t have any sort of lore about them. But there are numerous things that Overwatch players have spotted that might offer clues.

A July 19 update video for Ana included a burst of static at the end, which was translated into a QR code. When converted, it turned into a voice that said “Was that easy? Now that I have your attention, let’s make things more difficult.”

And that’s not all. Blizzard’s trailer for the PC Summer Games skin packs had Tracer running a race. While doing so she left a blue trail that had a line of code in it. That code has yet to be translated, but will likely give us something else to know about Sombra.

Another thing implying directions about Sombra include a number of directions and letters spread across various maps. While we don’t really have any idea if these are relevant or not, Blizzard may have only recently put them in for people to find. After all, if Sombra really is watching to see how well people figure out their clues, then that means that Blizzard is indeed leaving clues for people.

There’s still no real telling of what Sombra’s abilities would even be. If they really are something to do with hacking, maybe it’s something like Symmetra, using various drones and other things to fight and maybe even hacking omnic characters like Bastion or Zenyatta.