Microsoft Already Starting to Break Steam Apps With Windows 10 Anniversary Update? No It’s Not

Yesterday, I downloaded the new anniversary update for Windows 10. All was going well and I loved the new Windows 10 and Xbox integration. The software update added features and fixed many bugs affecting the previous version.

I was pleased with the changes and improvements until I booted Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I immediately noticed significant input lag in the UI and during matches. MY office PC is using the GTX 960 and I was running the game with custom medium to high settings combination ever since the card came out.

I never faced any issues running the game at those setting but suddenly these problems popped up. And the game running at 30FPS.

After tuning the settings and by tuning I mean disabling everything and lower every option, I was able to get a decent frame rate.

But the input lag was still noticeable.

First I blamed the recently released CS:GO update and wondered how it got passed through Valve’s QA. However, after digging around the internet for a while I came across people who were having the same issue. All of us had one thing in common, Windows 10 Anniversary update.

Conspiracy theorist online were seen accusing Microsoft of damaging Steam and CS:GO, citing Tim Sweeney. For those who don’t know, Sweeny recently said that Microsoft will ruin Steam and push it to the point where people will move to Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform so I decided to put things to test.

Thankfully, the issue is limited to Counter Strike: Global Offensive and I was to able to run DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2 just fine. In fact, Steam client is running as smoothly as ever.

While the new update did affect Counter Strike, there is no evidence to suggest that Microsoft deliberately tried to screw with Valve’s game.

In fact, there is a simple fix to the problem.

The issue originates from Microsoft’s Xbox DVR feature and turning it off immediately fixes the problem. Open your Xbox DVR App, Go to Settings, Click on Game DVR and turn it off.

I also happen to stumble across another fix which may help you run the game with DVR on. Run Counter Strike and once you reach the main menu, hit alt+tab to come back to your desktop. From here, go back the game and it should run smoothly.