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Mafia 3 Theme for Playstation Leaked, You Will Get the Feel of New Bordeaux

A Mafia 3 leak has revealed what the Mafia 3 theme for the Playstation 4 will look like when the game releases. The theme is actually quite telling of what you’ll likely spend your time in the game doing; killing people, and exploring the game area, the city of New Bordeaux.

Unfortunately the video that the leak came from isn’t the best quality, as you could probably guess from a video taken entirely on a mobile phone.

However, the theme is actually quite pleasing, aesthetically. While the area where you have the Playstation 4 Library and your games is mainly focused around the swamps of New Bordeaux (complete with protagonist Lincoln Clay’s car with its headlight on, illuminating a lake that you’re likely about to dump a dead body into).

Where all of the settings and other ways to use your Playstation 4 are located, the camera actually swings up, in real time, to look at the skyline of New Bordeaux. It’s quite the contrast from the first half of the Mafia 3 theme, especially since instead of being dark and swampy it’s dawn, and the city is sticking up out of the wilderness.

Mafia 3, like the other Mafia games before it, is an open-world game that gives you the run of a whole city as you build up your criminal network. Considering it’s an alternate version of New Orleans, there’s likely to be a ton of things to do there as well, if 2K brings up a ton of new things to do in the game beyond driving and doing side missions.

All of this, along with considering the rather violent year the game takes place in, with a volatile political climate and renewed violence between the police and the mob, will hopefully make Mafia 3 the best game in the Mafia series yet.