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Hideo Kojima Remembers P.T by Standing Under It

Hideo Kojima is now a free man and it seems he’s enjoying his time without Konami. The man is working on Death Stranding with Sony and Norman Reedus. He left Konami as soon as Metal Gear Solid V was out the door and his contract ended.

One of the reasons he left us believed to be the cancellation of Silent Hills P.T. The game was under development at Kojima Productions and Konami while Norman Reedus was playing the lead role.

Kojima and his team is pretty active on Twitter and often share many pictures of Kojima’s day to day activities. Hideo Kojima’s personal assistant shared an image of Kojima standing under P.T. Not the game, just P.T:

That’s not all, Hideo Kojima retweeted a fan and trolled the community with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain chapter 3.

Chapter 3 of Metal Gear Solid V is a mirage we have been chasing ever since the game released. The editing was so poor that is was pretty clear what aspects of the game are missing. In fact, Konami included a cut out missions 51 in the special edition of MGS V.

Fans have dug up files hidden within the game and other leaked documents have showed that chapter 3 exists. A recent listing on Amazon for Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Ex gave hope to fans that it may finally give us the long rumored chapter 3.