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Batman: The Telltale Series Has a Solid Story but Many Issues on PC

Rocksteady and WB brought Batman to the limelight of the gaming industry. With its Arkham series, Batman finally got the games he deserved.

The series inspired other developers to create their own Batman games. After the end of Arkham series, we surely needed more of Batman.

Hence, Batman: The Telltale Series!

It is a very different experience from Arkham but different in very good way. Its story and gameplay are solid but the game needs to be improved. It suffers from various issues including terrible frame rates and audio sync on PC.

Furthermore, turning the game to fullscreen and AA affects its modeling quality.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 is a buggy experience on PC. It is unoptimized and needs to be fixed before Episode 2 rolls out.

Developer Telltale Games is aware of the issue and offered a solution for Batman’s frame rate problems.

If you are experiencing performance issues, you may need to update the graphics card drivers to the latest available. If you are using a laptop, please use your dedicated graphics and not Intel integrated graphics.

Telltale also released a hotfix to deal with graphical problems:

  • Automatically defaults the game to run on dedicated graphics card
  • Adds graphics settings to enable selection of Higher Performance Textures or Higher Quality Textures (please select Higher Performance if performance is an issue)

Players are still reporting issues with keyboard and mouse along with audio sync. Hopefully, devs will deal with the rest of the game’s bugs soon.