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3DS XL Sales Rise By a Massive 222% Since Last Year

According to a new report by MCV, 3DS XL sales are up by 222 per cent this year compared to what they were during the same time period last year in UK. This sudden boom in sales might have something to do with the recent leaked announcement of Nintendo’s NX console which seems like a successor to 3DS.

In the report, MCV quoted figures from its retail sources and according to those, Nintendo was the No.1 boxed games publisher in the region in terms of both units sold and per game value. The company still maintains its ten spots in the Top 50 Games of UK.

Some of the games in those spots include Pokémon Alpha Sapphire at No.11 and Pokémon X at No.25. All the combined Pokémon game sales were around 9000.

3DS XL sales (hardware only) were up 222 per cent last week compared with the same period a year before, while 2DS sales rose 234 per cent.

As expected of the Apple’s top charts, Pokémon GO was sitting at the top for both iPhone and iPad during its first two weeks. According to App Annie, the game was the highest grossing title on iPhone during its launch, although it was at No.5 when it comes to iPad’s apps.

The popularity of Pokémon GO is not just affecting the game or handheld console sales. MCV adds that sales of Pokémon trading cards, toys and clothing have also been boosted by GO, as have pre-orders of this November’s Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Whether this popularity continues or not remains to be seen as Pokémon GO developers Niantic are currently facing a lot of backlash from players after their recent patch for the game removed support for 3rd party map and tracker apps like PokeVision which allowed players to easily find their desired Pokémon through a community information database.