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Xbox One Designer Talks About Designing The New Xbox One S

The Xbox One designer, Carl Ledbetter, had some insights to share about Microsoft’s new console, Xbox One S. Carl, being the Senior Creative Director at Xbox was tasked with designing both the original Xbox One and the new slim model, Xbox One S. He has worked at Microsoft for more than 20 years so is familiar with all the intricate details.

Xbox One S is an amazing 40 percent smaller and lighter than the hulking beast that was Xbox One, making it more of a comfortable fit in an average living room environment. Sony’s PS4 console on the other hand was a sleeker machine from the very start which lead to some bad press for Xbox One.

Carl talked about how that specific design choice worked for Sony as they have had a past with similar designs and it is somewhat of a trademark for them.

There is nothing wrong with making only slight changes in a design if fans love it, and the love clearly shows as PS4 has more than 50 million units sold.

With Xbox One, Carl mentions that the company tries to be different with their design and quality in order to create some uniqueness and design difference in the market. According to him, this promotes a health competition which in turn is a very good thing for every industry.
So how did Xbox finally achieve this new smaller design? A lot of that has to do with fan feedback and judging by the looks of it, Microsoft definitely did listen.

Xbox One Designer Carl Ledbetter said while talking to WIRED:

“I’d say in our case, it was more on crafty design and less on miniaturization, on the power design components, we did a lot of innovation there to get it smaller. The electrical and thermal teams, they started looking at how to optimize board layout, how to get connectors and capacitors and all the components really tightened up inside.”

Tricky stuff, right? What do you think? Liked the new Xbox One S? Thinking of getting one? Let us know in the comments below