Turkish Reporter Thinks GTA IV Cheat Codes Are Secret Coup Codes Used by the Army

Recently, a certain group in the Turkish army tried to take over the country. It was a failed attempt thanks to the brave men and women who stood in front of these rogues.

Once the dust settled and Democracy prevailed in the country, many changes were made to the system. Many army officials were put behind bars and the current Prime Minister started a clean up operation throughout the country.

Turkish media supported its Prime Minister throughout the situation. However, it looks like the field reporters are getting a little too paranoid and they are in need of a break. Recently, a Turkish news reporter went out and for some reason was digging in the garbage.

She found a note with mysterious codes on it and assumed that these codes were what the army used to communicate during the coup attempt.

Unfortunately, she was dead wrong!

The codes she found were GTA IV cheat codes written on a piece of paper. The reporter holds the paper is her hand and says “This is how they communicate in secrets.” Cheats are in Turkish but the paper clearly reads “GTA IV.”

It looks like the reporter isn’t familier with the biggest gaming franchise of our time.