You Thought Capcom Was Working on Dragon’s Dogma 2? No!

Dragon’s Dogma has a huge fan following and over the past few weeks Capcom was teasing a new game that we thought was Dragon’s Dogma 2. Over at Neogaf, fans were comparing similarities between Dragon’s Dogma and this new game.

However, that game turned out of be nothing but a new smartphone title from Capcom. “Project Palm” will release on iOS and Android. Project Palm is a smartphone game for girls, according to Capcom. This is a “love adventure,” as described by Capcom.

Project Palm is en episodic title that will expand through 6 episodes. Project Palm is a drama-like experience with a strong story and line of characters. The story is touching and filled with emotional sequences throughout its six episodes.

The lead character, Haruto, will discover his memories with your help.