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Pokemon Go Third-Party Tracking Apps Constantly Being Terminated by Niantic Labs

For the past few weeks, Niantic Labs has actively been terminating third-party Pokemon Go trackers and interactive maps, showing the locations of Pokemon along with other details.

Currently we only know that Niantic Labs has been terminating these applications. Whether or not there is a lawsuit against these developers, that remains to be seen!

Pokemon Go Third-Party Apps

Applications like PokeVision and PokeHound essentially tap into Niantic’s servers to determine things like a Pokemon’s exact location, time left until a Pokemon disappears, and the accurate distance between a player and Pokemon.

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Despite Niantic’s constant efforts of terminating these third-party applications which basically kill the purpose of the game and are widely regarded as Cheating Tools, more seem to pop-up every now and then.

For instance, Pokemon Go Desktop Map provides a comprehensive list of all available Pokemon in a player’s close vicinity. In order to use the map, players need to download the app on a PC and have Google Maps installed as well.

In addition to this, Compass for Pokemon Go shows rare Pokemon in surrounding areas, PokePilot not only shows the locations, but also time left before a Pokemon disappears, PokeAlert shows Pokemon’s location in real-time, and there are several others.

Last but not the least, there is a Reddit thread dedicated to applications like PokeVision which is continuously updated to let users know everything they need to know about these third-party applications.

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android based smartphone devices.

What are your thoughts on these third-party apps that show players the locations of rare, normal Pokemon? Let us know in the comments section below!