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Pokemon Go Global Revenue Reaches $160 Million, In-App Time Spent Remains High

Pokemon Go is just reaching new and new heights in its popularity and global revenue. It seems that the removal of Pokemon Go tracking has been unable to put a damper on player’s appetite. As new data suggests that Pokemon Go global revenue has crossed $150 million mark.

According to the data from Sensor Tower, players are still using the app 26 min daily on average in US, and also they are opening the app about the same amount of time, which is around six times per day.

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Users have also spent some cash on Pokemon Go micro-transactions in its less then 30 days of its existence. According to the estimates of Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go Global revenue is almost $160 million in total, which makes sense given its popularity.


In related news, while playing Pokemon Go is enjoyable, some players have also taken it as an opportunity for losing weight. An English Pokemon Go player, Sam Clark, has caught all 142 Pokemon in the United Kingdom, and he has lost 25 Kg of weight while walking almost 225 kilometers for his journey.

No player have been able to find or catch a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go, however, reports have surfaced suggesting that the first legendary Pokemon has popped up in the wild. According to the reports, Articuno is the first Pokemon Go legendary Pokemon to pop up and players have also recorded video evidence that it has been caught by trainers in Ohio.

Niantic has removed Pokemon Go tracking, and soon after this change players started to ask their money back. While there were some issues with the tracking system, but rather than to fix it Niantic just eliminated it from the game

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs and published by The Pokemon Company for iOS and Android.