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PlayCast App Will Let You Play Your PS4 Games On Your iOS Devices

If you are a owner of a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 and want to stream console game to your iOS devices, than this PlayCast App might be for you.

Most of you would be familiar with PlayStation’s Remote Play feature that allows players to stream games on their PSP or PlayStation Vita. However, few years back Sony expanded the feature to PlayStation TV, Macs and PCs, and certain Android devices.

However, the Remote Play service have not been extended to the iOS devices, and developer BitWise Solutions has a solution for you. BitWise Solutions has released PlayCast app for the App Store, which is available for $9.99.

This ten dollar app promises support for 720P video at 60 frames per second, MFi controller support as well as customizable virtual controls, and very low latency.

Pair a MFI device and the user is introduced to a new world of possibilities, the fast paced games are actually playable. However, the app suggests to have the PlayStation 4 wired through Ethernet, and the iOS device must be connected with a 5 GHz WiFi network.

The games run smoothly on 720p and 60 FPS, however, but games start to get blurry when there is a lot of  action on the screen, but still it is workable. Playing on an iOS tablet is a different thing as playing on a iPhone has its drawbacks, as due to the small screen as most of the onscreen assets become obscured.

Overall PlayCast app is a cool iOS application, that sounds very exciting but in reality it is very different. There is no doubt that playing a PlayStation 4 game on a iOS device feels cool with a MFI controller.

What do you think of the PlayCast app? Is it worth the $9.99 to play your PS4 game on your iOS devices? Let us know in the comments.