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PC Games Sales Projections Predicted to Hit 42 Billion In 2020

As more and more people join the PC master race and start to buy or build their own gaming PCs, DFC Intelligence, a research firm, predicts that PC games sales projections will be hitting 42 billion dollars by 2020. This is likely due to a wide variety of advantages that PC platforms have over regular, mass-produced consoles.

One constant factor in the debate over whether PCs are better than consoles are the matters of resolution and frame rate.

PC owners can have 1080p or 4K resolution running at 60 frames per second, while console owners are normally limited to 720 at 30 frames per second. While the Playstation 4 Neo and the Xbox One Scorpio are reputed to address this performance difference, that will likely still be a poor substitute for PC owners.

DFC Intelligence says that the biggest drivers of PC games sales projections are core and moderate PC gamers, those that buy games on their computers on a regular basis. Considering the amount of money that Steam sales bring in, along with other sales on other websites, it’s no surprise that PC gaming has so much money going into it.

PC games sales projections reached 30 billion dollars in 2015, which was up 11% over 2014’s sales. Considering various PC games that came out this year and last year like Undertale, Total War: Warhammer, Overwatch, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and others, PC gamers have a lot going for them, provided their machines can run the games.

Most free-to-play games that used to be part of MMOs, however, have also shifted. Those kinds of games can now be found mostly on mobile where they would have normally been put on PC games. Conversely, mobile games that are more suited for phones are now finding their way onto Steam with no real effort to make the game more viable for that platform.

While DFC Intelligence didn’t really give us any thoughts about the PC games sales projections for 2016, it’s likely that they’ll have also increased over 2015.