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Final Fantasy 15 Season Pass Outed by PSN, No Idea What It’ll Do

The Playstation Network has outed the Final Fantasy 15 season pass, but there’s no telling what it’ll allow its owners to do. Normally season passes allow holders to get all of the game’s downloadable content for a reduced price. Interestingly, it seems that this season pass is actually limited to the people that pre-order the digital edition of the game.

While there’s no real inkling of what sort of DLC that the Final Fantasy 15 season pass will help cheapen, we could likely expect a few new outfits, maybe some weapons, possibly even some new quest chains that would have new rewards.

Final Fantasy 15 is probably the best-suited Final Fantasy game to actually have DLC. The Lightning Trilogy was the only main Final Fantasy game that was released during the run of the Playstation 3, and while it had DLC, it was mainly in the form of some scenarios, along with the aforementioned costumes and weapons. There was no story DLC for any of the games.

The Final Fantasy 15 season pass will help the first current-gen main Final Fantasy game to sell off its DLC, and considering how big the world is reputed to be, with a lot of wide-open zones for players to run around in, hopefully Square Enix will capitalize on the huge amount of press the game’s gotten and work in as much quality DLC as they can.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to be releasing on September 30 on Xbox One and Playstation 4. While we don’t have any idea of what the Final Fantasy 15 season pass will involve, Square Enix will likely announce the different DLC as the game gets closer to releasing.

Hopefully all of the DLC will actually be fairly solid, and won’t be various nostalgic cash-ins like the Cloud and Yuna costumes that Lightning got in “Lightning Returns”.