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Fallout 4 Beta Patch 1.7 Available On Steam Now, Adds Support for Nuka World DLC

Fallout 4 beta patch 1.7 is now available on Steam for those participating in the game’s beta program. The patch comes merely a week after the launch of the latest Vault-Tec DLC for the game.

Bethesda has released the Fallout 4 beta patch 1.7 for PC users who can now download it through Steam and give their valuable feedback before the patch is deployed for everyone else. Another patch, specific to the Vault-Tech DLC was also released recently for PC and Xbox One users.

Fallout 4 Beta Patch

The major portion of the beta update adds support for the upcoming and final Nuka World DLC in addition to a new store art type for settlements and an improvement to deleting add-ons on the PlayStation 4. Other changes include general stability improvements and quest fixes.

Among other things the Fallout 4 beta patch 1.7 changes is one which some players might really be looking forward to. Marcy Long is no longer an essential NPC and can be eliminated after the Sanctuary quest is completed.

NPC vendors will also offer bigger shipments of building materials such as ceramic, rubber and steel. As expected, some animation fixes as well as a crash that occurred when players invested in store while trading has been fixed. The full patch notes can be seen here.

Bethesda has also submitted the Vault Tec specific patch to Sony but it has yet to go live on PS4 and there is no word on when that might happen, hopefully it will be real soon. This seems to be becoming a trend with Fallout 4 updates and PS4 and extends to other issues as well including mods.

Now that the final DLC, Nuka World is releasing at the end of this month, fans would need some reason to continue playing the game after all the content has been finished and that is where mods come in. Unfortunately, PS4 users still don’t have access to those and there are reports that they might not get them, ever!