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Destiny Level Cap Will Remain at 40 in Rise of Iron

Since the September cover for Game Informer will be focused on Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion, Bungie has said that the expansion won’t change the Destiny level cap. The cap, which was increased with each expansion until it reached 40 in The Taken King, will remain the same. The Light level cap will be raised from 355 to 385.

All of these mechanics will likely be locked in place for the rest of the first Destiny’s run time. While it’s likely the mechanics will again be changed when the game’s “sequel” expansion comes out, for now we’ve still got a while to raise our Guardians to the highest possible level before the next game offers new challenges.

In addition to the Light Level being raised by thirty points, it will go up another fifteen, raising the cap to 400 once the hard mode version of the expansion’s raid, Wrath of the Machine, comes out.

The Destiny level cap is much easier to reach with the normal experience-based leveling, rather than Light level. Since the level drops in Destiny are randomized for the most part, getting your Light level to cap involves a lot of grinding in order to get the best gear. To do that, players have to strike a balance between how high the light level will rise, and how much protection and other bonuses the armor will offer you.

Considering Rise of Iron will be offering a lot of new armor, whether through raids, the Trials of Osiris, the Iron Banner, or the expansion’s story, there are a lot of new opportunities for players to try and get their Light level up.

Coupled with other devices in the game that would help you get higher-quality gear like the Three of Coins item, all of this will hopefully allow a lot of Guardians to get the best armor they can before Destiny 2 comes out in 2017, and reach the Destiny level cap for the time being.