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Amazon Increases Price Of Xbox One S As Stock Decreases

As the launch date draws closer, the price of Xbox One S in UK has increased by £30. The 2TB model of Xbox One S originally being sold on Amazon UK for £350.

As more and more people buy the upcoming slim version of Microsoft’s latest console, the stock seems to be dwindling which prompted Amazon UK to raise their prices by a whopping £30 and the new price of Xbox One S is now at £380.

There isn’t any actuall confirmation from Microsoft or Amazon about the increase in price but considering that the console is being sold in huge numbers and other official retailers like GAME are already out of stock, it makes sense as to why others who still have some stock left would raise the prices to maximize their profits.

There were also some reports earlier that Amazon itself has run out of stock for launch day so people who order their consoles late will probably be getting them after a few days.

The 2TB model of Xbox One S, which was announced during E3 2016 as a white console with a 40% smaller size than the classic Xbox One, launched today in all the countries where Xbox has an official presence.

The cheaper 500GB and 1TB models will be releasing later, on August 23rd, priced £249 and £300 respectively. These consoles will be bundled with Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The Xbox One S adds support for HDR gaming and TV as well as 4K support(after an update) for blu-ray and other streaming media. The controller has also been revamped to include a better IR sensor, Bluetooth support for PC gaming and textured grips for long gaming sessions.

GameStop launched a promotion recently through which Xbox One users can trade in their old console and get $200 credit towards the purchase of a new Xbox One S.