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Xbox One S Performance Boost is Real; Offers Slightly Better Frame Rates

Microsoft previously stated that Xbox One S won’t offer better framerate and performance. However, it looks like that was not true. The console does offer better frame rates and runs more efficiently compared to Xbox One. In fact, it comes with a higher GPU clock.

According to analysis conducted by Digital Foundry, the console comes with 914Mhz GPU compared to Xbox One’s 853Mhz. Furthermore, the S model offers 1.47TF of performance compared to 1.31TF.

Xbox One S pushed better frame rates in Forza. Analysis showed 55FPS on Xbox One and 48FPS on Xbox One Performance differences won’t show in every game as CPU bound games will run the same. However, games that lean toward GPU will run slightly better on Xbox One S.

Difference in performance is marginal and won’t be noticeable in every day use.

Xbox One S is now available in the market and comes with 4K media playback. It is 40% smaller compared to the base model. 4K media support does not come out of the box so you’ll need a day one update. Buyers can also enjoy HDR but only if they own a TV that supports the feature.

Microsoft is releasing another console next year that will run 4K games. Performance difference compared to the base and S models will be massive. According to Microsoft, Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever made.

The console industry is changing, console tiers are being introduced. It is a great idea because creators won’t have to start from scratch each console generation.

Making games that work across different specs, similar to how apps work on smartphones, will change the face of the console industry and will provide stability.