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Uncharted Movie Gets A New Screenwriter As Bad Boys 3 Director Joins The Team

The Uncharted movie, based on Naughty Dog’s highly successful game franchise, has been in development for about a year now. According to a new update about the progress of the movie, it seems that a new screenwriter has been hired for the job.

So who is this new writer for the Uncharted movie? Well it seems like Joe Carnahan has taken up the job after many other writers came on board and then left the project, further pushing back its release dates.

Carnahan has previously worked as a writer on films like The A-Team, Smokin’ Aces and The Grey while also directing them, showing that he certainly does have a knack for good quality high octane action stuff. He is even rumored to be working as the director on Bad Boys 3.

Judging from the presence of Carnahan on the project, Uncharted fans can expect a certain degree of realism in the film while keeping the sense of adventure and danger alive, something which Nathan Drake is famous for.

Carnahan’s previous works already include such characters who dive head first into difficult situations, keeping viewers at the edge of their seats throughout the sequences and then coming out on top as the victors.

Those expecting to see Carnahan in a bigger role will however be disappointed as he has confirmed that he will only be on board the project as a writer due to commitments to Bad Boys 3.

The Uncharted movie is slated to release on 30th June 2017, provided it isn’t plagued by any other setback forcing Sony to delay it once again. Since its announcement more than 6-7 years ago, the movie has faced a lot of issues, the first one starting with director David O. Russel backing out of the project in 2010.

Uncharted 4 might have been Nathan Drake’s last game but are you excited to see the character reappear on the big screen, especially after the commercial success of the Warcraft movie? Share your thoughts below.