Types of Pokemon Go Players – Noobs, Know-it-Alls, And Jeff Goldblum

Niantic’s Pokemon Go has already become a phenomenon in regions it has released in. Despite Russia’s insistence that the app is a CIA developed Satan that spies on its users, it has managed to amass over 75 million downloads worldwide since its inception.

Types of Pokemon Go Players

You may have come across stories of players getting hit by cars, people leaving well-paying jobs to play the game, and politicians organizing game events; but these are not the only type of Pokemon Go players.

Our very own James Kuckkan has discussed the different types of players that you encounter either in your friends or out on the street while playing the game.

From noobs who do not know what they have gotten into to know-it-all Pokemon trainers who spent hours going through Bulbapedia so that they can flaunt their Pokemon Expertise – the list is rather comprehensive.

You can find out more discussed in the video attached above and share your impressions with us in the comments!

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android based smartphone devices.

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