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Red Barrels Announces Outlast 2 is Delayed To 2017

Red Barrels Studios, the masters of horror behind 2013’s first-person survival horror game Outlast, announced today that Outlast 2 is delayed until 2017. The game put out various gameplay videos at PAX East a while ago, and was supposed to be releasing sometime this year (likely around Halloween). However, that appears to not be happening as the game apparently needs more work.

Red Barrels said in a Facebook update that the game is being delayed in order to ensure the most terrifying experience that the studio can give to its fans. And considering how scary Outlast was, that’s definitely something, and is as good a reason as any as to why Outlast 2 is delayed.

Outlast 2 focuses around yet another man stranded in a remote location with an army of angry psychopaths after him. Only this time, you’re not in an insane asylum. Instead you’re in a remote cult village, trying to rescue your wife.

In Outlast 2 you play as Blake Langermann, an investigative journalist that works with his wife Lynn. When you investigate a woman found dead on a highway, your search takes you to the remote Arizona wilderness, where your chopper crashes. With your wife kidnapped, you have to find her and escape from the cultist village.

The PAX East footage that was shown earlier this year was already scary enough, with the player being hunted through cornfields while the cult’s mad leader holds a sermon through its loudspeakers. Tellingly, the demo ended with you getting hit in the nuts with the business end of a pickaxe before being brutally killed.

If Outlast 2 is delayed to make it even scarier, I’m actually pretty okay with that, especially since it being scary gives us plenty more YouTube fodder for people to scream and freak out. Hopefully Red Barrel will give us a new release date soon so that we can have new expectations on when the game will come out.