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Pokémon GO Windows 10 Mobile Unofficial Port Surfaces On The Internet

Some reports last month suggested that if there is high demand, a Pokémon GO Windows 10 Mobile version might become a possibility. Microsoft surely seemed up for it although to attract developers Niantic to an OS used by a handful of people would have been a difficult job.

Well now it turns out that users might not need an official Pokémon GO Windows 10 Mobile version as an unofficial port of the game has been created by some users.

Titled PoGo-UWP, the unofficial port of Nintendo’s most popular mobile game aims to deliver the Pokémon GO experience to users who don’t own an iOS or Android device and prefer using Microsoft’s mobile OS despite it having a negligible market share.

Of course, downloading and installing the port isn’t an easy job either so those who use Windows 10 Mobile because Android or iOS are too difficult for them, they might want to stay away from this port.

Nintendo or Niantic haven’t shared any thoughts on this port but they might not be so friendly as the developers recently started cracking down and blocking Pokémon Radar and map apps which helped players find different Pokémon easily through community based information pools.

There are some other caveats attached with this port as well. Interested players can’t make a Pokémon Trainer account in this port and will need to do that through the iOS or Android version of the app. They also need to enable Windows’ Device Portal mode on their devices running Windows 10 Mobile.

Those who still feel that they must have become a part of this Pokémon GO bandwagon and can’t wait to hop on, despite the port being in beta and liable to getting shut down, can head over to the Reddit thread and download the required files.

Hopefully for others who aren’t so tech-savvy or don’t want to do all this hassle, Microsoft works some things out with the developers and launces an official port.