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Overwatch Olympic Themed Skins Could be Coming, New Map To Celebrate Olympics

It seems that the roster of Overwatch are heading to Rio, to indulge themselves in Olympic Themed fun, according to a package sent by Blizzard Entertainment. The game’s roster will be getting new Overwatch Olympic themed skins, a new map and more.

A Twitch streamer named “LacedUpLauren” revealed through her Twitter account that she received a package from Blizzard Entertainment. The package includes a golden medal in the shape of the Overwatch logo, a trio of player cards for Lucio, Tracer and Zarya and a a sticker sheet featuring the game’s roster going sporty.

Also the package includes a print of what might be a new map for the Overwatch, possibly a domed arena set in Rio de Janeiro. It is also important to mention that none of the olympic themed content appears to be affiliated with real olympic games, as Blizzard is just calling this Summer Games 2016.

Some new Overwatch Olympic themed skins will also be available for the characters. Zarya is getting a weightlifting skin, Lucio is getting Football themed skin and Tracer will be getting a Track and Field skin.

It is not clear that all of the characters will be getting Overwatch Olympic themed skins.The sticker sheet only shows characters like Mercy playing tennis, Soldier: 76 playing golf, Mei playing table tennis, Hanzo doing archery and Zenyatta in a karate gi.

In related news, NetEase president Li Riqiang has suggested that Blizzard might introduce free trials for Overwatch through its Blizzard client. NetEase is Blizzard’s Chinese partner and published Overwatch in the country. Li spoke during ChinaJoy 2016 and revealed Blizzard’s plans to possibly introduce Overwatch trial soon.

Blizzard has also launched top 500 system for Overwatch, the system will reveal the top 500 players in the season 1 of the competitive play. Leaderboards will be wiped clean at the end of the season for players to come back and make it to the top 500 rankings.

Overwatch is a first person multiplayer shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.