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Users Must Accept New PS4 Terms Of Service Before They Can Go Online According To Sony

A new PS4 Terms of Service document has been generated by Sony Entertainment and users must accept it before they can resume their online gaming. The announcement was made by the official Twitter support page for PlayStation UK. Some users reported that they were unable to go online on their PS4 consoles after which the Twitter account of PlayStation UK support replied that they needed to go their console Settings, select the PSN/Account management option and accept the new PS4 Terms of Service after pressing the sign-in button.

According to the support, the new PS4 Terms of Service document contains some changes regarding game Pre-orders, chargebacks and cancellation rights so it is a good idea for users to go through them all.

The Twitter account for PlayStation’s US support doesn’t seem to have shared any information regarding this so it is possible that the new ToS changes only apply to UK or European PSN users.

Changes in Terms of Service for any online service aren’t really a big thing and happen occasionally. However, it is the company’s responsibility to promptly inform their users of any such changes instead of them struggling to find solutions to such issues.

Despite being the highest console seller this generation, its these little things that Sony can’t seem to get a handle on and ends up disappointing a lot of fans.

The perfect way to have users accept such changes would be to have a prompt automatically pop-up when they start their console and it is connected to the internet. This way those who instantly want to go online can do so while those who want to read the fine print of these changes can reject and stay offline.

Did you encounter the same issue earlier this morning and manage to solve it on your own? Share your thoughts below.