Lady Layton Announced for Nintendo 3DS and Mobile

Many owners of the Nintendo 3DS are aware of Professor Layton, that eccentric mystery puzzle-solving game that once even had a crossover with the Ace Attorney games. Level-5, the developers of the game, announced the Lady Layton game back in late July, and the game will be releasing in Japan next spring, and the West sometime later in 2017.

Fully titled “Lady Layton: The Conspiracy of King Millionaire Ariadone”, Lady Layton features Professor Layton’s daughter Catriel, who sets out on a mission to rescue her father when he goes missing. She’ll be accompanied in this by her talking dog Sharo and her two friends Geraldine Royer, and Noah Mondeor.

The Professor Layton games have proven to be one of the more popular game series on Nintendo handheld consoles, and across the series’s lifetime have sold over 10 million copies across all of its games. As of April of last year, the series has sold over 15.5 million copies.

The announcement of Lady Layton also came with an animated trailer that showed off both the game’s animated cutscenes and the various bits of voice acting. A number of big-name Japanese actors will be adding their voices to the game’s Japanese release.

These include Kasumi Arimura, Koji Yakusho (Memoirs of a Geisha, 13 Assassins, The Boy and the Beast), Meisa Kuroki (Lupin III, Space Battleship Yamato), and more.

Considering that the game is also a mission for Catriel to find her father, we may find all four of the main group working together to solve a puzzle, which has all sorts of potential for warm and fuzzy moments.

However, we don’t have a concrete release date on either version of the game yet. So if you’re a fan of Professor Layton and can’t wait to get your hands on Lady Layton, you’re just going to have to be patient until it releases.