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Developer of Ghostbusters Reboot Game Files for Bankruptcy

There’s been a lot of controversy over the new Ghostbusters reboot with the all-female main quartet. However, while opinions differ on it, one thing that can be universally agreed-on is that the Ghostbusters reboot game is awful. So awful in fact, that FireForge Games, who developed the thing, have now filed for bankruptcy and are twelve million dollars in debt.

The Ghostbusters reboot game was supposed to be an isometric 3D action game that ties in to the movie. However, it’s run into the problem that many tie-in video games for movies run into-the game is awful. This often happens mainly because development is rushed in order to come out at the same time of the movie, though some manage to be solid games regardless.

Unfortunately, the Ghostbusters reboot game wasn’t one of them. Unlike the 2009 Ghostbusters game, which had many of the original cast members working on it (except for Harold Ramis, who died around that time) and got positive reviews, selling over a million copies, this game had no such luck.

The game was criticized for being boring and being something of a slog, which is never something you want to hear on a game. They’re supposed to be fun, after all; if you’re not having fun while playing then the game has already failed in its mission.

Maybe it’s because Ghostbusters has never really been intended to be used as an isometric twin-stick shooter. The 2009 game came out and played like how a Ghostbuster would actually work. You didn’t shoot ghosts in that game, you lassoed them with the proton pack and had them sucked into the containment unit, much like the Ghostbusters do in the movie.

Thankfully FireForge’s game isn’t the sole cause of its woes (or maybe “unfortunately” would be a better term). The studio has been sued numerous times in the last few years, and it seems like the Ghostbusters reboot game’s failure was its death knell.

Hopefully FireForge’s former employees can find somewhere else to work, hopefully a place that works on higher-quality games.