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ARK Survival Of The Fittest Will Be Merging With Survival Evolved, PS4 And Xbox One Versions On Hold

Almost a year ago developer Studio Wildcard announced the PvP focused off-shoot of the main game called ARK Survival of the Fittest. The spinoff was released sometime later, and the studio tried to maintain two separate clients.

However, due to a small development team things were kind of getting difficult for the studio to handle. Now Studio Wildcard has announced that ARK Survival Of The Fittest will be brought back to Ark Survival Evolved internally.

The ARK Survival Of The Fittest standalone app will continue to exist and those who already own it will be able to play it with the standalone app without purchasing Ark Survival Evolved.

Wildcard has also noted the reason for merging Ark Survival Of The Fittest with Survival Evolved. According to the developer the first reason was the release of development kit, which would have limited implications if both of them were not merged.

The reason for the merge was the business model of ARK Survival OF The Fittest. According to the devs, they were planning on making Survival of The Fittest a free-to play game, which required a lot of time to learn how to make free-to -play games.

Studio Wildcard also announced that the development on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of ARK Survival Of The Fittest are currently on hold. The reason for the decision is that the studio wants to take a step back and see how the changes will work out in long term.

In related news, Studio Wildcard released a new update for the PC version of Ark Survival Evolved last week.  Which brings new features and mechanics to the game like Fishing Rod and Fishing Mechanic and more.

Ark Survival Evolved is an action adventure survival game developed by Studio Wildcard for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.