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Pokemon Sun and Moon Has Four Islands, Each With its Own Island Challenge Trials

As confirmed last month, The Pokemon Company and Game Freak has shared a ton of new Pokemon Sun and Moon information in a newly released trailer.

According to the trailer, the new Alola region is not just a single, large island, but a collection of four separate islands, each one with its own Island Challenge Trials – a new feature in the upcoming games.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Challenges

Each of these islands has a Trial Captain who is master of a certain Pokemon-Type:

  • Lana is Water-Type Expert
  • Mallow is Grass-Type Expert
  • Sophocles is Electric-Type Expert
  • Kiawe is Fire-Type Expert

These Trial Captains will test a player’s Pokemon Mastery by offering him/her a range of challenges such as Dance Battles, Pokemon Battles, Scavenger Hunts, and more. Each of these challenges conclude with a fight against a Totem Pokemon who is a strong monster who can call upon allies to help in the battle.

However, in order to proceed to the next island, trainers must go through the island’s kahuna who will judge the trainer’s overall Pokemon skills.

There are a lot of other details and information shared in the trailer attached below:

In relevant Pokemon Sun and Moon news, the game’s producer Junichi Masuda recently explained why the Alola region is based on Hawaii. According to Masuda, Hawaii has the most varied environments as compared to the rest of the U.S. and is full of energy, life-force which is why it is a perfect fit for Pokemon Sun and Moon. To read up more on the interview, head over to the post!

Pokemon Sun and Moon is scheduled to release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18, 2016. The company has also announced a Limited Edition Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS XL which is now up for pre-orders.