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Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola Region is Based on Hawaii Because it is Full of Energy and Life Force

Pokemon Sun and Moon producer Junichi Masuda recently talked about the new Alola region based on Hawaii.

Masuda said that the islands have sort of a connection with Pokemon as the World Championships for both the games card tournaments have been held there several times.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Region

He continued that the place is an energetic land with loads of varied environments such as seas, volcanos, and waterfalls as compared to rest of the U.S. The team essentially wanted a Pokemon Sun and Moon location that emphasized life-energy and Hawaii-based region seemed like a perfect fit.

Masuda also said that even Pokemon in the game also represent the idea of life force and energy as evident from their expressions. Since the transition from Nintendo 2DS to Nintendo 3DS, the developers have worked on expressions and want players to understand a Pokemon through its movements and expressions.

For instance, the Grass-Type starter Rowlet may appear to have a simple design in its still images, but it can do small things like tilting its neck or thinning down its body when fainting.

Even the Legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Sun and Moon boxart Solgaleo and Lunala also reiterate this overall theme of energy in the game.

In relevant Pokemon news, we recently got our hands on a few new screenshots from the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. The said screenshots provide players with a good look at the game’s new region, UI, gym battles, and more. To find out more, head over to the post!

Pokemon Sun and Moon is scheduled to release on Nov. 18, 2016 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has also put up a Limited Edition 3DS XL based on the upcoming games for pre-order.