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No Man’s Sky Early Preview Calls it Monotonous, Only 30 Hours Long

One of the coolest features of the upcoming procedurally-generated space-exploration game No Man’s Sky is that it features hundreds of hours of gameplay content.

Whether you decide to explore the galaxy, participate in quests, study flora/fauna of different planetary systems, or engage in battles – the possibilities are virtually endless.

No Man’s Sky is Monotonous

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However, according to one person – who managed to acquire an early copy of the game – No Man’s Sky takes about 30 hours to go through. Here is what he had to say on Reddit:

I have done A LOT of what the game has to offer. I actually intentionally took time out of my warp jumping over the course of going to the middle to explore planets to break up the monotony of it. This does not mean I have done all of the major events, however – I am still yet to swim to the bottom of a big ocean. I am still yet to destroy a space station. I definitely still have stuff to do.

Basically once you hit the center of the galaxy, you have reached the endgame. But of course, these are just the thoughts of one person. It is better to wait for reviews before coming to a conclusion. We will have our own review up in a few days.

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No Man’s Sky is scheduled to release on Aug. 09, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC.