Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay Footage From SDCC 2016

A new Deus Ex Mankind Divided gameplay video has surfaced, from the game’s presence on the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 show floor.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Comic-Con Footage

The 27-min video comes from YouTube channel, The BGB, and showcases Deus Ex Mankind Divided gameplay in what the channel is calling the Hardest difficulty in game. Developers, Eidos Montreal on the other hand have confirmed that the footage is actually from Hard difficulty.

According to Eidos, the real challenge and hardest difficulty is the one called “Give me Deus Ex” and has permanent death in it so the player’s journey can end if they mess up in any place through their gameplay.

They can still restart their progress from certain checkpoints in the game if they had saved their progress at those specific points. So it’s not really that harsh of a perma-death feature.

Only a few days ago, the official Deus Ex Twitter page confirmed that the game has gone gold, which means all the development has completed, well before the scheduled 23rd August release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Deus Ex has had a little bit of a troubled development, mainly with its controversial pre-order practice that was revealed last year. According to the pre order ‘incentive’ the more people pre-ordered the game, the faster it would come out and the more rewards people would get.

In a recent interview, Deus Ex producer Olivier Proulx also discussed the morality system in the game which has played a huge part earlier too allowing players to decide the outcome of missions and their overall story line and character interactions.

The previous installment, Deus Ex Human Revolution ended with the world in a mechanical apartheid where all the augmented citizens were heavily discriminated against for fear of their augmentations. Deus Ex Mankind Divided will see Adam Jensen working to stop terrorist groups from creating chaos between augmented and normal humans.