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Demon Hunter Class Set To Go Live On 9th August In WoW: Legion

Legion might be a month away but the new playable Demon Hunter class is only 10 days away from availability in World of Warcraft.

In a recent livestream event, Blizzard has confirmed that those who pre order the upcoming Legion expansion will be able to play the Demon Hunter class starting 9th August (early 10th for Europe).

The update to enable Demon Hunters will go live following the routine server maintenance for every region.

During the live stream, Blizzard also showcased some new gameplay from the playable class as well as other changes made in the game since the Legion Pre Patch was launched a few weeks ago.

The Demon Hunter class serves as both Tank and Damage, wearing Leather armor like Druids hence relying more on mobility.

The class is available only to Night Elves and Blood Elves. They will start their character at level 98 and completing the initial quests will take them to level 100 so they can join the Legion expansion content as soon as it’s released.

Alongside the playable class, the update will also mark the launch of the Demon Invasions world events where players will gather at different locations across the entire map and try to defend those locations against incoming Burning Legion forces in a somewhat ‘horde’ mode styled event.

Each invasion will have four stages, winning each stage will reward players with Nethershards that can be later redeemed for other loot. Every week until the expansion launches, the intensity of these invasions will continue to increase.

Those who take part in these invasions have a chance to unlock the limited time, event-only achievements “Stand Against The Legion” and “Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions”

To create more buzz for the upcoming expansion, Blizzard also started an animated shorts series, titled Harbingers, recently. It’s second episode, featuring Khadgar, was released last week.