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You can Play Doom DLC Maps Without Purchasing, If One Of Your Friends Owns It

There are only a handful of game franchises in the game industry, that have made a come back as strong as Doom’s. With the game released fans are enjoying breaking skulls and other body parts of the demons from hell, while Bethesda is finalizing the expansion for the game.

The first expansion for Doom is scheduled to release on August 5th for all three platforms. The next expansion is titled “Unto the Evil” and the expansion focuses on the multiplayer portion of the game.

Usually when a multiplayer DLC is released those players who purchase get to enjoy it. However, in the case of Doom id Software intends to do things differently. Id Software has taken steps to ensure that they don’t cause any split in the multiplayer community.

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To achieve their goal, id Software has made available maps included in Unto The Evil for players who have not even bought the expansion. But there is a catch, as players will need a friend who owns it.

The way it works is that, the game checks if the players owns the DLC maps before pushing maps into the rotation. If none of the players own the DLC then the new maps will not appear. However, if only one member of the party owns the DLC then the rest of the party can enjoy with him.

In related news, Vulkan support is now available for Doom, and Bethesda expects that players will experience frame rate improvements by switching from OpenGL to Vulkan. Vulkan patch is available to AMD and Nvidia users. However, Vulkan will not run properly without updating to the unified driver from AMD and Nvidia.

Doom is a first person single-players and multiplayer shooter developed by id Software and published by Bethesda for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.