No Man’s Sky Gameplay Leaks Online, Leaked Copies Weren’t Fake

Some lucky gamer is already playing No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4. We managed to grab some gameplay footage so do check it out before Sony or Hello Games asks us to take it down.

The game looks great and it seems it may actually live up to all the hype created over the past few months. Exploration and gathering resources will be a huge part of the game. Almost 18 trillion plants are waiting to be exploration. Each has its own unique environments and wildlife.

In simple words, you can not explore everything in No Man’s Sky in one lifetime.

No Man’s Sky gameplay gives us a look at the game’s UI and menu as well. Once again we see just how much it resembles Destiny.

Recently, the game was accused of copy pasting Destiny UI and Menu design. However, Hello Games never made a comment regarding the accusation.

No Man’s Sky copies are leaked a month ahead of its official release which should be a worry for Sony and Hello Games.

No Man’s Sky gameplay footage comes from a leaked copy, of course. And it is safe to say that early copies being sold on different channels weren’t fake.¬†At least not all of them

Recently, a man sold an early No Man’s Sky copy for $2000 on eBay.

Hello Games has taken notice of this leaked and have players to potential spoilers. However, we believe that the game is so big and offers so much that such gameplay video can’t really spoil. Still, beware of spoilers!

No Man’s Sky is coming to PlayStation 4 on August 9 while PC version is coming out on August 12.