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Street Fighter V Sold Less Than 100K Units In The Previous Quarter

Street Fighter V have been around for almost six months and the game is quite popular among fighting game fans. However, it seems that the game has not sold well in the last three months, at least according to Capcom’s first quarter report for fiscal year 2016.

Recently, Capcom did its Fiscal Year 2016’s first quarter report, and the company also updated sales numbers for its games. According to the report, Street Fighter V has sold less than 100,000 units in the whole quarter from April 1st to June 30th.

According to the report Street Fighter V has shipped 1.4 million copies, which is the exact same number the company revealed in May for the game’s sales.


There are only two possibilities for this situation. One is that the game can’t attract any more players and has stopped selling altogether. Or the second could be that Capcom has not shipped any copies of Street Fighter V.

There is also a third possibility that June 30th they still haven’t sold any copies of the game that were shipped by March 31st.

As of yet, the game is only available for PC and PlayStation. However, it seems that the game might be coming towards Xbox one users, as Amazon listing suggests that a Xbox One version of Street Fighter V is on the way.

It could be possible given that the game has sold less than 100,000 copies in the previous quarter. Capcom might thinking about expanding its player base by releasing the game for Xbox One. This could also put the game back on the map.

Capcom has also included a new fighter to the ever expanding roster of Street Fighter V. Judi has joined the roster, and she brings Taekwando moves to the game.

Street Fighter V is developed by Capcom For Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Linux.