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Shuhei Yoshida: All PSVR Games Will Be Playable On Current PlayStation 4 Systems

For some reason, PSVR games will require PlayStation 4 Neo to run is becoming a common perception, however, that is not the case.

At Sony PlayStation’s ACGHK 2016 VR presser, Shuhei Yoshida, made it clear that to play PSVR games players do not require PlayStation 4 Neo. Yoshida told said all the games that were showcased during the show were running on standard PlayStation 4 units.

As PlayStation 4 Neo was absent from the presentation, Yoshida said that they are not ready reveal about the upcoming console.

He also assured fans that Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking beyond its core gamers for its PlayStation VR.

We believe that everyone can enjoy the entertainment content on PSVR … Not just gamers, but a lot more people enjoy PSVR.

Even though you do not need PlayStation 4 Neo but having a more powerful machine should offer better performance in VR games.

Speaking of games, Sony is really pushing PlayStation VR’s library. Yesterday, Sony has 13 more games in development for PlayStation VR in Asia.

  • Ace Banana.
  • Stifled.
  • O! My Genesis VR.
  • Weeping Doll.
  • Pixel Gear.
  • Phantom World.
  • Dying Reborn.
  • The School: Swan Song.
  • Mortal Blitz VR.
  • The Occasional Encounter.
  • Mixip.
  • Kill X VR.
  • Unearthing Mars.

PlayStation VR is not only going to play games that will be specifically developed for it but players will be able to play normal PlayStation 4 games in PSVR through PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode.

PlayStation VR cinematic mode features three different screen sizes: small, medium and large. The large screen is over 200 inches so it would feel like being inside a movie theater.

PlayStation VR is scheduled to hit storefronts on October 13 and is available for pre-order. However, the headset is out of stock but Sony has assured that it will send another wave of these headsets soon.