A Pokemon Go Player Crashes Car In a School While Playing The Game

Pokemon Go players just can’t catch a break, while some of them get caught in a shootout while playing the game, some just fall off the mountain. This time a Pokemon Go player made a unplanned PokeStop, by driving his car into a school.

According to a Police officer, the man was trying to catch from the Pokemon Go mobile app when he lost control of his vehicle while he was making a turn on a roundabout.

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The car smashed through the fence and went straight into a school’s portable building in Berwick at 6:50 pm on Thursday. Good news is that no one got hurt.

According to Victoria police spokeswoman Julie-Anne Newman, “Any Pokeballs, eggs or potions the driver may have had remaining only attracted police”.

The 19 year old will most probably be charged for careless driving, according to the police. These types of incidents keep on happening, and Government is also trying to get control of this situation. Recently Government agency, VicRoads, installed 40 flashing road signs warning drivers “Don’t drive and Pokémon”.

Police have also warned that anyone caught playing Pokemon Go while driving a car will earn itself a $466 fine and four demerit points. Those who hunt for Pokemon on foot are also advised to be careful of the oncoming traffic and other pedestrians during their search.

In related news, as we all know that rare Pokemon are very hard to find in Pokemon Go, and some are speculated to be included in the game but won’t be captured easily. Once such rare Pokemon is Ditto, and the game’s source code indicated that Ditto is included in the game but it is not in its real form.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android.