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Playstation 4 Deal Pops Up for $280 on eBay, Console Only, No Bundles

Even though eBay is normally seen as a place where you can sell unwanted stuff at an auction, the website also has a regular store that you can buy from without an auction. A Playstation 4 deal, where you can buy one of the consoles for $280 US dollars, has recently popped up on the website as well.

Not only is the Playstation 4 on sale for 280 dollars, it also has free shipping, which means that you don’t have to pay any more money in postage when you order the console. What makes it even more special is that this isn’t a used console; this one is fresh off the assembly line.

The reason for the price drop may be because of the Playstation 4 Neo and Playstation 4 S, which are both going to be coming out soon. Considering that normally Playstations sell for around 380 dollars normally, this is quite a steal.

While it doesn’t come with games bundled into it, if you’ve been looking for a new Playstation 4 if your own console has decided to start dying, or maybe you’re looking to get a special someone one for their birthday or you’re already getting ready for Christmas.

Considering that we’re getting close to the last third of the year, it’s likely that Sony will start announcing its holiday bundles soon. The Playstation VR release date in October is also coming ever-closer, but they’ll likely be giving away package deals with Playstation 4 and Playstation VR. These, however, will likely be quite expensive.

If you’re not wanting to spend more money to buy the two things together than you would buying them separate, this bundle is probably the thing you need.

The Playstation 4 deal’s bundle includes the system, the controller, and all of the various things you need to make sure that the console works.