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Hearthstone New Adventure One Night in Karazhan Announced, Brings More Cards And Wings

Last week we reported that Hearthstone’s next singleplayer adventure might be announced this week. Well Blizzard Entertainment has announced a new adventure for Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft, One Night in Karazhan.

This new Hearthstone adventure was announced during Blizzard’s live stream and is titled “One Night in Karazhan”. One Night in Karazhan will introduce a new wing every week and will also add 45 new cards to the game.

The adventure is set in Karazhan, where the players are invited to a party by Medivh. When the players arrive at the party, they find out that the mage is missing and magic has gone awry in the palace.

The Prologue mission will be free to every player, in which they will be able to play as Medivh himself. Playing the intro mission will give players two new cards.

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One Night in Karazhan is available for $20 from the in-game shop. Those who purchase this new adventure in the first week of the release will get a special Karazhan-themed card back. If players decide to buy each wing separately than Individual wings will be available for 700 gold or $7 each.

The new adventure will come with Class Challenges with specific pre-made decks. Completing each challenge will grant the player a One Night in Karazhan themed class card. Also a more challenging Heroic mode will also be available, but only for those who have defeated all the bosses in a wing. Beating heroic mode will reward player with One Night in Karazhan card back.

Once this new Hearthstone adventure is released then all the cards will be added to the mix in Arena for the players, regardless of whether they own it or not.

Hearthone’s fourth adventure One Night in Karazhan will release on August 11th, 2016.