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Nintendo Looking to Provide External Performance Boost to Its Hardware? NX is Becoming a Mystery

Nintendo has successfully got a patent for a very unique device. The patent device is developed to provide external processing power. This means that this device could give consoles extra processing power externally.

Why would Nintendo need such a device? Well, it is hard to say why but we do know Nintendo NX may not be as powerful as we thought. It could be Nintendo’s way of providing extra power to those interested in higher resolutions and frame rates.

Think of it as a PlayStation 4 Neo or Nintendo NX counter. All of your games will work on NX but if you want higher performance and resolution, instead of buying a new machine you just order this device. This might also add more power to Wii U.

Rumor has it that Nintendo is using a Tegra 1 mobile chip for NX. It released a couple of years ago and seems like an outdated solution. One can ask why Nintendo is taking so long to release NX if it’s using Tegra 1. The chip and all the hardware needed to run the machine is available in abundance. Well, it is possible that Nintendo wants to add Tegra 2 to Nintendo NX which isn’t yet out.

We are also hearing that NX is a handheld/console hybrid that can be attacked to tv. It is possible that true console like performance will come through this external device while NX is mainly targeting the handheld market.

Of course, that is just my own theory.

Nintendo NX

This isn’t a cloud based solution, actual hardware is being used to push more power into the machine. The description of the device is vague and indicates that its applications go beyond game consoles. However, we can’t say anything for sure at the moment.

We’ll let you know as soon as something more comes up.