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New Overwatch Glitch Lets You Travel Nepal Level

A group of enterprising players have found a new Overwatch glitch that allows them to run around all three variations of the Nepal level without dying. Nepal has three different maps, each one for a different gametype.

Normally Overwatch maps have kill barriers that cause your character to die if you get too far outside the map, but the players in question have found a way around it.

The Nepal map, used as the location of a group of Omnic monks in the game’s lore (Zenyatta was one of their number and their leader was assassinated by Widowmaker in the “Alive” short), takes place in the Himalayas in a monastery.

YouTuber hulkman503 discovered the new Overwatch glitch, and how with a pair of Mercys and a lot of ingenuity, you can get past the kill barriers. Mercy’s resurrect ability allows you to fly around the various level walls and kill boxes that are scattered around Nepal to keep players on one map. This allows you to head down to the lowest level of the Nepal map.

The new Overwatch glitch isn’t an exploit, fortunately; while you can get out of the map with it, you can’t use it to mess with other players in the game, so if you’ve gotten any ideas of using this to get around behind the enemy team, you can forget it.

Of course, it’s unlikely that Blizzard will just let this stand. They’ll likely add a few more death zones to the borders of the map in order to keep other players from duplicating this feat.

This is one of the few real glitches that Overwatch has been revealed to have; many of Blizzard’s patches for the game revolved around balancing hero characters in order to ensure balance. All the same, it’s a pretty cool way to get around.