New Ark Survival Evolved Update is Out Now, Xbox One DLC Coming

A new update for Ark Survival Evolved is released on PC. Update v245 is available through Steam and will come to Xbox One later on.

Moreover, developers have confirmed new DLC for Xbox One. More details about it will be shared soon. Below are the patch notes for the new Steam update.

Ark Survival Evolved Update

  • New Item: Fishing Rod + Fishing Mechanic! Be a pro fisherman as you apply varied bait, cast the line, wait for a fish to become ensnared, and then succeed at a mini-game to reel the fish and claim copious rewards!
  • New Structure: Industrial Grinder that grinds items into a portion of their crafting resources, then converts resources into simpler resources
  • New Structure: Spiral Staircase (Stone/Wood/Metal)
  • New Mechanic: Optional Hitmarkers for ranged attacks (server can toggle them, as well as client if the server allows it)
  • Building Attack/Destruction Tribe Logs
  • UI Option to colorize item name texts based on quality level.
  • Offline Raid Protection mode now disables PIN Locking, and Structures in Caves no longer get ORP.

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Ark Survival Evolved players can try out the game for free this weekend. You can play the game for free from July 28 to July 31.