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Marvel Will Speak With Activision Over Marvel Ultimate Alliance PC Port

Yesterday, we ran the story on how Marvel Ultimate Alliance PC port is a mess. The games runs poorly, suffers from many issues including controller problems, audio issues, missing DLC etc.

Fans on Steam ripped the game apart in their reviews and some wanted their money back! One of the reviews mentioned:

If you are going to charge close to full retail price for your game, at least make an effort to have it playable. Very first button prompt, the please press A part doesn’t work. How does that get passed QA. Come on.

After we ran the story it seems the word finally reached far. Marvel is going speak with Activision over your concerns about Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Bill Rosemann, creative director at Marvel Games, has assured the community that Activision will be notified of community feedback (not that they already know). We don’t yet know when devs will patch the game to add missing DLC and fix its issues. However, we hope it doesn’t take long.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance on PC came with both games with visual improvements. But it unfortunately, the QA team failed to properly test it before sending it out the door.