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Life is Strange Developer Working on a PC Game via Spin-Off Studio

Life is Strange is one of the best games to release this generation. It is a touching, heartwarming tale that defines what interactive graphic adventures can achieve.

The title was developed by Dontnod Entertainment, a French developer based in Paris. The studio is currently working on a game called Vampyr. The title is a similar Graphic Adventure set in Victorian London. Not only Vampyr, but we just got word that Dontnod is working a new PC game in partnership with a spin-off studio.

The studio in question is a Parisian studio, Hesaw. The partnership means Hesaw can finish Battlecrew Space Pirates. Hesaw is now renamed as Dontnod Eleven.

The goal of our collaboration is to help those talented independent developers and benefit from their know-how, said Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert. They’ve been working on this game for about a year and we’re happy to help them achieve their goal of releasing this fun, exciting and innovative gaming experience.

Battlecrew offers players unlockable characters, environments, and new modes. It is a shoot em up game with impressive art style and combat.