Lawbreakers Assassin Class Is The Most Badass Of The Four

Boss Key productions has released a new video detailing the Lawbreakers Assassin class, and believe me the assassins are the coolest of the bunch.

In the video, Lawbreaker’s multiplayer designer, Andrew Witts, explained that the Assassin class is for those players who want to get up close and personal with their opponents but avoid direct attack and flank their enemy .

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Lawbreakers Assassin class is very mobile and fast, the Assassin will get in and get out in no time. The assassins don’t deal much damage but they are  very agile so players might want to be careful while they directly confront an opponent. According to senior gameplay director, Nathan Wulf, as a assassin players must get in, get the objective, sneak up behind their enemy, slash him up and jump out of there.

According to Witts, his favorite move for the assassin is the grapple attack combo, where he gets behind his enemy, then grapple to him and take them out. The best way to play with the Lawbreakers Assassin class, is let the opponent knock the shield down on the battery. Then throw a flux grenade to knock them away and then steal the battery.

Assassin class can also support its team, like if a enforcer is attacking with rockets on one of your teammates. You just drop a flux grenade which makes rockets to fly away from the target, and then you can take out the enemy.

Players can support the team by using the Frenzy ability which shows where the enemies are, even behind the walls and then transmit the information to the team.

The devs also gave some tips pro tips about how to play with Lawbreakers Assassin class, you check that out in the video above.

Lawbreakers is a first person multiplayer shooter and will be released exclusively for Microsoft Windows.