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Fake No Man’s Sky Early Copy Sold For $2,000 On Ebay

Almost two weeks remain before the release of No Man’s Sky, and the game is generating quite some hype before its release and you could say not in a positive way, and this time No Man’s Sky early copy has caused quite a stir on the internet.

With facing lawsuits for using word “Sky” in game’s title or being accused of using patented Superformula for their game, No Man’s Sky has seen more than its fair share of troubles.

What would you do if you had $2000 and you just wanted to waste them? Well for starters you could bid with that money on some shady listing of an allegedly first copy of No Man’s Sky, with out knowing that is it real or not.

Something like that happened with an allegedly early copy of No Man’s Sky. Ebay seller Walke-jim apparently put up a No Man’s Sky early copy. The final bid the copy was hit with was $2000, but the copy was sold.

On Twitter milkybar1983 pointed out that this allegedly No Man’s Sky early copy is certainly fake, as the disc label was mis-aligned and most probably was printed label. The listing for the allegedly No Man’s Sky early copy has been taken down since.

In related news, No Man’s Sky upgrade tree and menus were revealed, and it seems that they were inspired by Destiny. Hello Games has not yet commented on the matter, but the resemblance is undeniable.

No Man’s Sky PC version will not release with the console version, as the release for the PC version of the game have been delayed by 3 days.  Now the PC version of No Man’s Sky will release on August 12, and for PlayStation 4 the game will release on schedule, August 9th.

No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game with more than 18 trillion planets, and it will release for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Videogamer.