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Destiny Update Will Fix Beaver Error Issues

If you’ve been playing Destiny for the last few days, you may have been running into an error code called “Beaver”. Bungie’s new Destiny update is, thankfully, going to do its best to fix that Beaver error so that you can play again without having to deal with the error over and over again.

Destiny update won’t be changing anything, and will instead be specifically targeted at the Beaver error. The update will be an immediate follow up to update 2.3.1. While Xbox One and Playstation 4 will have priority for this new hotfix, Destiny will be giving the patch to legacy consoles later.

This may very well be the last of the patches that Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 players will see, considering that the next upcoming expansion, Destiny: Rise of Iron, won’t be coming to those consoles in order to continue the game’s development without having to be mindful of other consoles. Rise of Iron is supposed to be coming out at the end of September.

In the meantime, Destiny update is pretty much self-explanatory. Its patch notes just say that it’s designed to cut down on the number of Beaver errors that players are experiencing. Many players have been experiencing Beaver errors for over a week now, but it seems like Destiny has finally realized that those reports are not an isolated incident and has figured out what’s causing the problem.

Over its lifetime Destiny has had a number of problems with how often all of its various animal-themed errors trigger, but hopefully they’re now getting down to what is causing the Beaver code. And if they actually have a fix in mind, it seems that they’ve finally figured out the trouble on their end. According to the patchnotes, it’s a network connectivity issue.

Hopefully Destiny update will be able to help ensure that Rise of Iron has a smooth release.