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You Can Wear PlayStation VR Over Glasses, FAQ Page Reveals Minor Details

PlayStation VR FAQ Page explains a few minor details about the upcoming device. According to Sony, PlayStation VR is designed with comfort in mind. It can be used over glasses without any issues.

Many gamers use glasses and it was really important for Sony to make sure everyone can enjoy its VR experiences. Sony is also adding a stereo headset to the box, however, PlayStation VR supports any headset with a 3.5mm jack.

Stereo headsets are included with PlayStation VR for a full-immersive audio experience. PSVR also supports audio headsets with 3.5mm connectors.

Users of PlayStation VR will need to have a PlayStation 4, PlayStation Camera, and some games may use a PlayStation 4 Controller or PlayStation Move to play games.

Another great feature of PSVR is that it allows others to see PSVR content on a tv screen. PSVR displays VR content in 2D on a tv screen for others to enjoy.

Furthermore, we have a cinematic mode that allows you to play normal non-VR games. PlayStation VR cinematic mode features three different screen sizes. We have small, medium and large. The large screen is over 200 inches so it would feel like being inside a movie theater. Sony had a hard time fitting the entire screen properly in the player’s field of view.

Speaking of games, Sony is pushing PSVR content and many notable publishers are bringing games to the platform. We have Batman Arkham VR, Final Fantasy XV VR, Resident Evil 7 VR and much more.