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Battlefield Changes Are Coming To Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, and Battlefield 1 On Consoles

A number of different Battlefield changes are coming to consoles, starting off with a new user interface that will allow you to choose which of the three Battlefield games (4, Hardline, and 1) you’ll want to launch from your console. Each of the games will also be getting their own various changes, with Battlefield 4 being changed first, then Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1.

To start off with the Battlefield changes, Battlefield 4 will allow you to create a squad before a match starts, so that you can stick to playing with your friends without worrying about being sorted into a random squad. The game will also be getting a recommendation engine that suggests maps and modes for you and your friends.

These features will also be coming to Battlefield 1 after the game releases on October 21, and after that will come to Battlefield Hardline.

Right now the UI Battlefield changes are going to the Battlefield beta mode in order to iron out various bugs. It’s also got a fairly limited test audience, but as the testing goes on that pool of users is going to grow. DICE is going to be sharing how you can participate in the beta sometime in the future.

The new UI that allows you to play any game could allow you to keep your party as you transfer from game to game, so if you’ve got digital versions of all of the games you can just use that UI to switch from game to game without having to search for them in your menu.

While its unlikely that all of these changes will be ready any time soon for all of DICE’s games, at least they’re coming up with a lot of new changes that will help allow Battlefield fans a better way to play the games when they come out at various points this year.