World of Warcraft Legion Levelling Guide – How to Hit Level 110

World of Warcraft Legion levelling guide with tips to help you reach Level 110 with upcoming World of Warcraft Legion update.

Before we begin, do note that you will get less XP from quests in Legion as compared to earlier patches. Apart from this, XP from relic items is no more. Instead relic items are good to get points for artifacts.

World of Warcraft Legion Levelling Guide

Moreover, it is recommended to select output talents which is proven to be more efficient than healing talents and defensive talents when it comes to World of Warcraft Legion levelling.

The first quest is Broken Shore Event which has LM and BL variants. It is highly recommended to do this with friends in order to have maximum efficiency. Do note that follow-up quests will take you to Dalaran where you will get first artifact quest.

Val’sharah is good for boosting because not only there are less quests, but the quest routes are relatively straightforward. If all goes well, it will take about 2 hours at max.

The second map that you can go with is Highmountain. Do note that it has more optional quests and area-triggered quests. Apart from that, it has complex terrain and caverns. It will probably take about an hour or so.

Coming to third map, you need to go with Azsuna with its rivers and more focused quests. Not only its optional quests are highly rewarding, you will also gain a ton of experience from completing dungeons which will also provide you with a lot of goodies. These dungeons are highly recommended for World of Warcraft Legion levelling.

The last map is Stormheim which has the most quests, but all of them are continuous so you should try aim for completing them in one go. Once done, you should have hit the level cap. If not, kill some mobs, complete some optional quests and you should be fine.

This is all we have on World of Warcraft Legion levelling guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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